Women are the biggest pretenders world wide- Blessing-CEO


Madam Okoro Blessing Nkiruka a Nigerian sensational social media activist popularly called Blessing-CEO argued that women are the biggest pretenders all over the world

She said this on a video circulating on her Facebook page that,women will always pretend especially when it comes to an issues of sex, 

“ A lot of women pretends especially when it comes to an issues of sex. The reason being that women are waiting for men to find out a lot about them.”

Madam Nkiruka said men should pay attention to their women if they want to enjoy them.

She added that Some times a woman may not be talking but the other parts such as eyes, nose, lips, as well as every part of her body would be talking.

Madam Nkiruka stated that women would not be blamed forsuch acts as it was society that had shut a lot of women up to voice out certain issues.

She said instead of men asking women too many questions, men should rather sit and observed their women.

Madam Nkiruka said society had made a lot of women tired and that, they could not expressed their feelings and were lessexpressive, adding, “thus why women tell men they want this and they do that at the same time.”

She said a lot of men keep telling her that their women were difficult and complicated which was because many men did nottake time to study women.

“Women are like laptops so you need to browse through them, and to understand them. They are different, they think alike, they have different mindset, they want different things,” she said.

Madam Nkiruka said when a man wants to feel comfortable he should try to listen to his woman, and that talking to themsometimes leads to resolution of some issues in their love lives.

“Make her feel comfortable, make her feel relax and trust me if you make your woman feel comfortable, feel relax you are going to get the best from her,” She stated.