Unemployment is the major problem of Ghana.


Livingston Atse Satekra wisely known as Stonebwoy, award winning reggae dancehall artiste and CEO of Burniton Music has shared his ideas on some of the of socio economic problems facing the country currently

Unemployment being a economic situation where individuals are willing to work at existing wage rate but can not find any job.

Unemployment has cause a lot of deviant among the youths such as armed robbery, pickpocketing,prostitution among others.

The bhim nation president has disclosed that unemployment is the major problem in the country currently, and he believes that if companies where to be taxed to established more companies and trained more youth with the support from the government , the country unemployment rate will reduce.

He also emphasized that some nurses have graduated from various nursing trainings but yet they have not posted to their respective stations and they have become a burden to their parents.

“Some of the problems that we need to solve as government was caused in the same thousands of years ago, how can you solve it, you can only come with promises and try, but in your heart,and I think one of it is unemployment assuming companies are taxed to trained and established business, they can reduce unemployment in the country”he said.

He believed if the government are is able to work hand in hand with the private companies they can reduces unemployment situation in Ghana 

He revealed this in an interview with Award winning blogger and influencer Kobby Kyei on the artist Vibe Africa segmenton GhOneTv.