Social Media is here to make life better- Frank K. Harrison


Mr Frank K. Harrison, a Social Media Marketer said Ghanaians should make good used of the internet instead of letting people think that the internet was there for bad reason.

He urged Ghanaian Internet users to use their data learn and do research on important issues that would be beneficial to the society and the country as a whole.

Mr Harrison said this in an interview with Yaga- show on her Instagram, which was monitored by

He said during the session that one of the biggest challenges in the Africa Universities was that they focus more on the theory than practical’s.

One of the biggest challenges we have in Africa is lack of practical’s. We don’t focus on practical work thus the reasons why we have so many unemployed people in the system. Why because universities we have it like a theory.”

Mr Harrison said there were many things that people could do online which could help change the psychology of the nation.
He added that social media or internet had come to help everybody in every aspect of their lives.

Mr Harrison noted that worthy individuals like Bill gate was an internet personality and as well as many other rich people around the globe.

He said Africans have to either join the internet or live and be outmoded from the system.
Mr. Harrison lamented that most people got to know the importance of the internet during the Covid-19 locked down in 2020.

He said at that time his team were already making good used of the internet.
Mr. Harrison added that gone are the days when an artist had to go to the traditional media house for his or her music to be played and that now internet had changed the system.

“Promotion, Chart gives artist exposure, discovery gives them to a big hit, our promotion, Sub media distribution, sub media recruitment, among others are done on social media or internet without any traditional media system,” he stated.

He said, he would be launching a program called “Social Media and it’s psychology,” for some Africans who claims internet was just for bad news, which was never true, but rather it was here to make life better.