Renowned Ghanaian Filmmaker and Creative Director of Digital Creative Media, Salifu Abdul Hafiz has appealed to Corporate Ghana stop saying no to creatives who approach them for help. Not only financial but also access to facilities.

In an interview with Shikakope, a Ghanaian camera store operator, Hafiz stated with passion that
“ I’m encouraging corporate Ghana, private sector, the government and everyone. When creatives come to you, not only for funding but especially when we want to use your space, we are not bad people. We only want to use your space to create content that all of us will enjoy ”

He cited an example with the current lockdown as a results of COVID19-19 outbreak “ See this lockdown that happened, people were home on their phones and TV enjoying content from creatives. Imagine a world without creatives. Imagine it

His appeal has been one of many that creatives in Ghana worry about. Having access to facilities will aid creatives in Ghana create endlessly with ease.

Hafiz is known for shooting videos for brands like BBC, USAID, IFAD, Idris Elba, Mr Eazi, FuseODG, Sarkodie, Obrafour, Da Hammer, E.L, Guru and his admirable relationship with Afrobeats superstar Mr Eazi. Having tour with him since 2017.

He ended by saying “ I’m appealing to everyone, let’s open our doors for creatives. When we knock on your door open us. Give us the room to create because It’s like hand-go-hand-come “