Most Awards in Ghana are not credible-Legendary Kwabena Kwabena.


The legend George Adu Kwabena also known as Kwabena Kwabena has stated that majority of awards schemes in this country is not credible as expected.

The Legendary revealed that most awards organizers and entities brains behind organising  awards is to make profit not to applaud the hardworking artiste in Ghana

“I think that we are subject of radicle when it comes to awards, I don’t know if somebody is watching us very well,I don’t think they will consider our Awards schemes as something very credible”he said.

“The reason is that many awards schemes in the country ,the organizers and entities of various awards, who are they and what role are they playing in the music industry, their motives is earn at the end of the day so their mind set is how much are they to gain from it not who is the best artists is ”he added

He made an example that if he is a worse musican in the country and can mobilize people to vote for him he becomes a good musician whiles he is not performing.

He urge and appealled the to the sponsors that they should be diligence and before resourcing Awards.