Kwaisey Pee, send message across to all Ghanaians and especially DJ’s


Kwasi Poku Addae, better known by the stage name Kwaisey Pee, is a Ghanaian highlife musician.He is mostly known for his soothing voice, and has five albums to his credit. In 2007, he won the Best Male Vocal performance of the Ghana Music Awards

He insisted that the main stakeholders especially the media has neglected the promotion of the music genre which originated from Ghana and are instead promoting hiplife, hip hop and others.

“Highlife music is our own genre but the media is not throwing more light on it which will make highlife music very unpopular in the next few years,” he said.

Kwaisey Pee called on all stakeholders to work massively to sustain and promote the interest of people in highlife music since it promotes our culture to the world.

The man noted for singing love songs also said that although he has won several awards in his career, he does not really depend on them to deliver.

In an interview on TV Africa on Breakfast Line he made mention of his songs not being promoted by DJ’s unless they’re paid and even with the payment it covers a period of time. Of which he thinks is not the best to promote what we have as a people and this might kill visions of potential highlife song writers or artists.

The amount he pays to DJs he insists of not disclosing to the public but its actually huge and if after all these efforts the song is not patronized and sold he gains nothing but loss.

I plead with my fellow Ghanaians and personnels in the music industry to boost up the highlife sector and let’s come together to showcase our culture to the world