I am one of the highest paid MP……Hon. Kennedy Agyapong declares


Most of the ministers are not able to attend to the needs of their people in the constituency, why because, majority of them have lots of debts on their head which needs to cleared.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a member of parliament for Assin Central constituency and CEO of Oman and Net 2 station among other companies stated in an interview with on Onua TV that he’s never corrupt. In the sense that he have never promised his people what he can not offer them.

He said emphatically that ” if I am your MP and you do something punishable and receive punishment, don’t call me to intervene”

He explained that the moment he uses his position as an MP and poke nose into affairs that he doesn’t manage it makes him corrupt, which he would not do to please anybody no matter the circumstances involved.

And he urged all other ministers to do same and even more for a promising Ghana.

Source Dagaatigirl.com