France Ambassador enstooled as a queen mother in Ghana


Madam Anne Sophie Ave, the Ambassador of France to Ghana has been enstooled as a Queen Mother (Nkɔsoɔ hemaa) at Hani, Tain District, in the Bono Region.

Her enstoolment comes after she went to the Begho community to inaugurate a community museum for the people in the area.

The installation of the Ambassador as Queen Mother (Nkɔsoɔhemaa) of Hani under the name Nana Benneh III on Sunday 25thApril, 2021.

Madam Sophie said she was very humbled and grateful to the good people of Begho Hani for such an immense honor shown her 

Her enstoolment was part of efforts to foster bilateral relations between France and Ghana to enhance the country’s socioeconomic development.

Madam Sophie  was not the first time a foreigner or someone from the Western world to be crowned as a king or queen mother in Ghana.

In September 2020 a Chinese Statesman was also enstooled as a Development Chief in a community at the Afraim Plains. 

However, France has also played a significant role in international affairs, with former colonies in every corner of the globe. For instance, in French West Africa where there was a policy of assimilation sough to impose on the colonial people in Africa the “superior.”

The African people were divided into two citizens and subjects.The citizenship could be achieved by birth particularly with regard to those born in the four municipalities of Senegal, Dakar, St. Louis, Goree and Rufisque. 

They were entitled to French education, representation in French Legislative and are exemption form forced labour. 

Where the subjects were those leaving outside the municipalities, had no right to vote and be voted for. They were forced labour for the cultivation of raw materials and construction work.

Would the first President of Ghana be happy to see and hear that Ghana has enstool a French woman as a queen mother.