Actress Gifty Ekua Asante donates to Mr. Kojo Dadson


Gifty Asante yesterday did her annual charity event dubbed July For Love Initiative 2020

The donation took place at the residence of veteran Actor Mr.Kojo Dadson and the presence of Actor @peterritchie and a few friends and fans were invited.

The actress said when she was a kid usually she watch him on TV and he look all strong but now he’s not strong like he use to be, because he had been ill of mild stroke and he’s still recovering. And this triggered the need for the kind gesture and the need to celebrate and show love once he’s alive.

The actress presented assorted food items and groceries and an undisclosed amount of money as part of her annual JulyForLoveInitiative.

The famous actor story was so sad. Mr Kojo Dadson who has been battling with stroke for the past 8 years narrated that this sought of gestures and visitations doesn’t happen to him very often,so he gets very emotional when he sees such love so when he burst into tears we should allow him ,he then said that his doctor said his sickness is as such that if he feels like crying he should let it out.

The actress said this year’s
July for love initiative was a success and she’s happy to put smiles on the face of the veteran Actor Mr.Kojo Dadson.”

Source:by Dagaatigirl